Physiology Laboratory

Physiology Laboratory :

Equipment and Instruments:

Sr. no. Equipment and Instruments Details on College Website
1 Microscopes with oil immersion Thirty Eight
2 Westergen’s pipette for E Sixty
3 Haematocrit Tube Sixty
4 Sahli’s Haemoglobino meter Sixty
5 Haemocyto meter Sixty
6 Electrocardiograph One
7 Stopwatches Sixty
8 Water Distillation still One
9 Balances One
10 Centrifuge with speed control Three
11 Colorimeter(photoelectric) Three
12 pH meter Electric One
13 pH comparator with disc One
14 Sphygmomanometer Thirty
15 Stethoscopes Sixty
16 Clinical Thermometer Sixty
17 Knee Hammer Sixty
18 Tuning forks Sixty
19 Sterilizer Five
20 Refrigerator One
21 Newton’s colour wheel In a batch One
22 Coverslips, glass ware,Micro slides Assorted