Department of Dravyaguna

Dravyaguna :

Introduction :

Dravyaguna is the core subject and the foundation of Ayurvedic Chikitsa, deals with identification, collection, storage and preservation of row materials of plant origin. Ayurveda has mentioned about five thousand such herbs in its texts.

The subject Dravyaguna Vidnyan deals with basic principles of mode of action of drug and detailed study of herbal drugs thus creating platform for therapeutic application of herbs. This subject is backbone of clinical practice. The subject also includes standardization of Medicinal plants.

Facilities in the Department :

  • Museum- Departmental museum have preserved wet specimens as well as dry samples for further references.
  • Laboratory- Departmental laboratory is well maintained with instruments required for pharmacognostic study & research purpose.
  • Library-Departmental library is fulfilled with herbarium sheets, reference books of Ayurveda & pharmacology along with magazines.
  • Charts-Flex charts of herbal drugs & modern pharmacology concepts are available.
  • Herbal Garden- department has well established herbal garden with several plant species marked with botanical name.
  • Field Visit – Department organizes local & out of state study tours every year for practical exploration.

Equipment and Instruments Required For Pharmacognosy Laboratory :

Sr. No. Equipment and Instruments Details on College Website
1 Field magnifier Two
2 Compound microscope One
3 Dissecting Microscope One
4 Microscope Fifteen
5 Electronic balance  
6 Slides box with cover slips, One
7 Blotting/filter papers Assorted
8 Dissection Box Assorted
9 Enamel Trays Assorted
10 Reagents-
a) Chloroform Assorted
b) Alcohol. Assorted
c) HCL Assorted
d) Sulphuric acid Assorted
e) Sodium,potassium hydroxide Assorted
f) Benedict solution Assorted
g) Sodium nitrate Assorted
h) Potassium nitrate Assorted
i) Citric acid Assorted
j) Iodine Assorted
k) Ethyl Alcohol Assorted
l) Potassium Iodide Assorted
m) Xylol / purexylene (slide preparation) Assorted

Faculty :