Department of Strirog Prasutitantra

Strirog Prasutitantra :

Introduction :

Prasooti – Tantra & Stri – Roga is a clinical Department that teach obstetrics and Gynecology.Ayurvedic concept of Prasooti – Tantra & Stri – Roga, involves primarily the sharirsthana, uttartantra and chikitsa – sthana of basic Ayurvedic texts of Sushruta Samhita, Charak Samhita and Ashtang Hridya.

This department deals with diagnosis, investigations, labour, post labour care with all Gynaecological diseases in the field of obstetrics & Gynaecology both Ayurveda & modern aspects.

Facility in the Department :

  • Department is well maintained with library consisting to books of verious types.
  • Department has more than ennnumber of charts & models.Department museum having various types of specimens.
  • Department has well equipped word, operation theatre. Labour room with all supportive diagnostic tools.
  • We encourage our students to participate & Attends verious National & International seminars.
  • Faculty is efficiently handling all types of emergency in the Hospital & also perform necessory surgeries.

Equipment and Instruments (Labour Room) :

Sr.No Equipment and Instruments Details on College Website
1. Shadow less Lamp Three
2. Suction Machine (Neonatal) Three
3. Suction Machine (Neonatal) Three
4. Foetal Toco Cardiograph One
5. Radiant Warmer One
6. Phototherapy Unit One
7. Weighing Machine(Paediatric) Two
8. Patient trolley Two
9. Anaesthesia trolley One
10. Infanto meter One
11. Vacuum extractor One
12. Foetal Doppler One
13. Lowcavity forceps Three
14. Steriliser Two
15. Machintosh rubber sheet Assorted
16. Instruments for labour and Episiotony.
(Scissors, forceps, needle holders etc.)
17. Baby tray Two
18. Nebuliser One
19. Foeto scope Five
20. Auto Clave Two
21. Drums Assorted
22. Instrumental Trolley Assorted
23. OT tables and head Upand head Low facility Two
24. Pulse Oximeter Two
25. Resuccitation kit One
26. Boyle's apparatus One
27. Electro cautery One
28. MTP Suction Machine One
29. Anaesthesia Kit One
30. Bluntand Sharp Curettes Ten
31. Dilatorsset (Hegar's,Hawkins) Thirty
32. Sims’sSpeculum Nineteen
33. Cusco’s Speculum Five
34. Anterior Vaginal Wallretractor Eight
35. Uterine sound Eight
36. Volsellum Nine
37. MTP Suction Currate six
38. Retractors abdominal (Doyne’setc.) Thirteen
39. Sponge holding forceps Twenty three
40. Greenarmytage forceps five
41. Uterus holding forceps Five
42. Kocher’s forceps Ten
43. Artery forceps(Long,short,Mosquito)Each fourty five
44. Scissors-different sizes Ten
45. Forceps obstetrics Five
46. Endo trachial tubes Five
47. Cord Cutting appliances Five
48. I.U.C.D.removing hook five
49. Bladder Sound five
50. B.P.apparatus four
51. HIV kit for emergency patients Assorted
52. Plainand Hole towels Assorted
53. Towel Clips Assorted
54. Catguts and Thread Assorted
55. Needles Assorted
56. Needle holders Assorted

Faculty :