Department of Shalakyatantra

Shalakyatantra :

Introduction :

Ayurveda is broadly classified into 8 parts called as Astang Ayurveda. Shalakya Tantra is one part of Astang Ayurveda which deals with the diseases of Urdhav-jatru i.e. body above the clavicle mainly it deals with the diseases of eyes, mouth, nose etc. To treat these diseases Shalaka (Probe) is used. So the subject is called as "Shalakya Tantra". Shalakyatantra is nothing but the branch that cures the disease above clavicle i.e. eye, ear, nose, mouth and throat along with shirorag.

Facilities in Department :

  • Departmental Library.
  • Departmental Museum.
  • Tutorial Room.
  • Digital charts and Paper charts.
  • Models and Surgical instruments.

Equipment and Instruments: Operation Theatre

Sr.No Equipment and Instruments Details on College Website
III ENT-Surgical or Operative Procedural Instruments
1. Aural Syringe Assorted
2. Jobson’s Aural Probe Assorted
3. Eustachian Catheter Assorted
4. Mastoid Retractor Assorted
5. Mastoid Gouge Assorted
6. Mallet Assorted
7. Nasal Foreign Body hook Assorted
8. Nasal packing forceps Assorted
9. Nasal Snare Assorted
10. Bayonet Shaped gouge Assorted
11. Walsham forceps Assorted
12. Laryngeal forceps Assorted
13. Tongue plate with throat suction Assorted
14. Tonsil holding forceps Assorted
15. Tonsillar suction Assorted
16. Adenoid curette with cage Assorted
17. Peri tonsillar abcess draining forceps Assorted
18. Fuller’s Tracheostomy Tube Assorted
19. Cheatel’s Forceps Assorted
20. Other consumable articles like gloves, syringes, bandages, sutras, etc. Assorted

Faculty :