Department of Agadtantra

Agadtantra :

Introduction :

The department deals with Toxicology, forensic medicine and medical jurisprudence.

Agadtantra is one of the eight branches of ayurveda. It deals with properties, effects and management of poison of animate & inanimate origin. There is in detail study of agadas i.e. vishavirodhi dravya or vishavirodhikalpa which are used since human history itself. It also deals with the laws related to poisons.

Facilities in the Department :

The dept has total 1500 sq ft area. There is museum with 120 poison specimens 27 forensic models 80 charts. There is separate tutorial room, separate weapon room with 60 weapon models. There are separate cabins for professor, Asso. prof, Asst proof.

Faculty :