Department of Rognidan and Vikruti Vidgyan

Rognidan - Vikruti Vidgyan :

Introduction :

Rogvigyan and Vikrividnyan deals with the factors which are essential to understand disease process as well as the diagnosis of diseases. It is very much necessary to understand the basic concepts, which are related to manifestation, diagnosis and prognosis of diseases.

Ayurveda is the science of life, hence concerned with prevention and cure of diseases . Since "Nidan Parivarjana" is the first step for prevention, the study of Nidan should be accurate.

Rognidan-Vikrutividnyan is the foundation of all the clinical subjects. The subject helps you to understand in depth the disease (Vyadhi-vidnyanam) & its pathogenesis (Samprapti Vidnyanam), the art & science of the clinical examination methods (Aatur or Rugna Parikshan Vidhi); the signs & symptoms or clinical features of the disease, the required investigations (Vyadhi pariksha vidhi) & the interpretation of their results as well.

Facilities in the Department :

  • Department is fulfilled by all instruments & Equipment’s which promotes research work conducted by department.
  • Pathologycal specimens & Digital charts with schematic diagrams & photographs enriches students knowledge.

Equipment and Instruments :

Sr.No. Equipment and Instruments Details on College Website
1. Binocular microscope Fifteen
2. Microscope with oil immersion Twenty five
3. Monocular microscope with oil emersion lens20(e) Twenty five
4. X-ray view box One
5. Sahli’s Square tube Thirty
6. Hb pipette Thirty
7. WBC Pipette Thirty
8. Dropper Thirty
9. Red cell pipette Thirty
10. Improved Neubauer chamber Thirty
11. Incubator One
12. Wintrobe’s  tube Thirty
13. Pasteur’s pipette Thirty
14. Centrifuge Graduated Machine Two
15. Westregrens pipette Thirty
16. Westergrens’s stand Thirty
17. Urino meter Thirty
18. Autoclave One
19. Ultraviolet lamp One
20. Cellcounter (haemo auto analyser) One
21. BP Apparatus Thirty
22. Stethoscope Thirty
23. Thermometer Thirty
24. Tongue depressor Thirty
25. Stopwatch Thirty
26. Physical balance One
27. Hot air oven One
28. Bunsen burner Thirty
29. Refrigerator One
30. Sterile vessels/bottle to collect samples Assorted
31. Torch Assorted
32. Knee hammer Assorted
33. Measuring Tape Assorted
34. ENT examination set Assorted
35. Reflectors(Mirrors) Assorted
36. Weighing machine One
37. Tuning Forks Assorted
38. Nasal speculum Assorted
39. Laryngoscope Assorted
40. Catheters Assorted
41. Probes Assorted
42. HBsAg  kit Assorted
43. HIV kit-Tridot (method by TM itra) Assorted
44. CT and BT kit Assorted
45. Renal profile, LET kit, Lipid profile, Blood,Sugar kit Assorted
46. Sterile disposable lancer/needle Assorted
47. Glass rod Assorted
48. Syringe needle destroyer Assorted
49. Cover  slip Assorted
50. Cleaned slides Assorted
51. Litmus paper Assorted
52. pH indicator paper strips Assorted
53. Test tube Assorted
54. Separating funnel sof various sizes Assorted
55. Glass Jars with lid ofdifferent sizes Assorted
56. Capillary Tubes Assorted
57. Rubber sheat Assorted
58. Magnifyin glens Assorted
59. Water bath Assorted
60. Multi stix Assorted

Faculty :